ECO cleaning system (Ecological Cleaning Option)

With a pressure of 9 bar and 176 C of water, ECO (Ecological Cleaning Option) removes grease and stains from all surfaces.

Our technology and quality are known worldwide, allowing us to quickly take a leading position in many competitive markets such as Japan, North America and Germany. Our products are designed and manufactured with a focus on improving steam technology to protect the environment and improve quality of life, making all types of cleaning processes simpler, efficient, convenient and fast.

The different cleaning system

ECO works with super hot steam that is 20 times more efficient than a standard wet steam cleaner. With ECO, there is no need to use cleaning chemicals, saving your health, that of your children and taking care of the environment.

Unlike ECO, other steam cleaners use mainly wet steam, which means they don't get to the real problem, leaving residue and the need to use chemicals to get the clean and shine you want.

Revolutionary product

With the revolutionary ECO (Ecological Cleaning Option) you can clean everything in your home, office or villa: carpets and rugs, hard floors, windows, kitchen, oven and hob, bathroom and shower.

For every home or office

European standard

Made in Italy

Често задавани въпроси

The ECO steam cleaner operates at a water pressure of 9 bar and 176 degrees Celsius. Thus, ECO removes grease and stains from any surface without additional chemicals, using only the help and power of water.

On all surfaces: carpets, carpets, hard flooring of any type, windows, ceramic countertops, aluminum surfaces, PVC materials.

ECO is manufactured in Italy and passes all European safety and quality requirements. All ECO components and accessories are manufactured exclusively by the appliance manufacturer, without replicas and cheap Chinese substitutes.