Ecological Cleaning Option (ECO)

With a pressure of 9 bar and boiler steam temperature of 176 ะก,
ECO (Ecological Cleaning Option) removes grease and stains from any surface.

Our technology and quality have been recognized around the world, allowing our products to spread quickly and to keep a leading position in very competitive markets, such as Japan, North America and Germany.
Our products are designed and manufactured focusing on improving the steam technology, and in order to respect the environment and improve the quality of life, making all kinds of cleaning processes simpler, efficient, convenient and fast.

We are looking for independent distributors in Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Greece, Turkey.

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Thanks to another company owned by the family Fornoni, producing molds, we have the great chance to design and produce every part of our steam cleaners (including all accessories), for sanitation and cleaning of all surfaces, both for domestic and semi-professional purposes.

It is an extremely hot steam, which is 20 times more effective than the standard wet steamer.

It does not require the use of chemical products, so it is better for you, your children and the environment.

Most steam cleaners do a good job, but they mainly use wet steam, that means they really do not get to the real problem, leaving waste and needing chemicals to get the pure glow you want.