STEAM ITALY srl opened its factory in Castelcovati, Brescia, Italy in 1994 (by SIEL and then as KS Group). It was one of the first companies to believe in the power of steam, realizing that something had to change in the cleaning concept.

With the revolutionary ECO (Ecological Cleaning Option) you can clean everything in your home, office or villa:
- carpets and rugs
- hard floors
- kitchen, oven and hob
- bathroom

The ECO kit includes all the accessories designed specifically for the unit and needed to clean and disinfect your entire home:

Rectangular brush
Triangular brush
Extension tubes (two parts)
Nozzle black
Triangular brush pad/cushion
Key drainage
Pad/cushion for rectangular brush
Grey nozzle
Iron pad
Aromatherapy/air freshener
Polyester brush - small, medium, large
Steel brush - small
Brass brush - small
Channel unblocking nozzle

Thanks to another company owned by the Fornoni family, which manufactures moulds, we have the ability to design and manufacture every part of our steam cleaners (including all accessories) to clean all surfaces, for both domestic and semi-professional purposes.

Certificate of test results on 18.06.2020 at the "INSTITUTE FOR HYGIENE AND MICROBIOLOGY" in Bremen, Germany concerning the Cleaning System Model 2000 manufactured by our factory Steam Italy. The laboratory study proves that after treatment with the #ECO system, 99.99% of germs and viruses are reduced.

Download ECO ISO certificate